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I have this weird addiction to reality tv and I have no explanation for why. I used to hate it. In fact, if I don’t get into a show from the beginning, I have no patience for it later.

My worst addiction, without a doubt, is Big Brother. I even buy the live feeds… talk about a sickness! I am, apparently, a closet voyeur (and I’m using the definition that does NOT include sexual gratification). News of Big Brother 6 came out yesterday.

Woohoo! A 2-story house and a bigger pool?! ‘Bout time we mixed things up a bit. Too bad I have to wait until July 7th for that but it’ll be a good way to get me through until VM Season 2.

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    calturner says:

    I’m the same, Rae. Our Big Brother starts at the end of the month and I can’t wait! I love it. I watch as much of it as I possibly can. :D

    {{{Rae}}} I hope you’re doing okay.