Roast Chicken   

Prelim thoughts on tonight’s Everwood:

  • Aww, Andy has discovered the Nina love he’s had all along but, naturally, a little late! I actually like Scott’s character now… I hate it when they make me like a character who is interfering with my ‘ships!

  • Rose has made me cry twice tonight and we’re only 15 minutes into the show. These two make me smile… and this storyline hits home this particular moment in my life.
  • Does anyone even care about Ephram right now? How sad is that? I mean, I actually agree that Andy was a HUGE ass in what he did and don’t think he should get off easy but the writer’s somehow lost me in Ephram’s reaction to everything. I want to care but just don’t.
  • Amy? Too cute in those braids.
  • Is it wrong for me to hope Topher and Hannah don’t work out? I really want Hannah and Bright together. I’m so selfish. (LOL! Update: Love the Bright jealousy. See, I’m not the only one that wants them together! *SQUEE*)
  • Where the hell is Deliah?! Poor girl gets no love from the writers this season. Even after the episode with all the meta about how Andy never spends time with her – even when he’s spending time with her – and still she’s nowhere to be found. (Yeah, yeah, it’s only been 20 minutes – I should wait until a little further in before declaring her MIA.)

And, one non-Everwood comment:

  • Dude. (Someone needs to remove that word from my vocab. Stat.) The commercials for Sheikra are making me shiver with excitement! I need Busch Garden yearly passes and quick. I think the FL resident deal ends at the end of this month. I must make sure. 200 feet up. 90 degrees. The only way down is straight down?! Holy crapola… I may pee my pants but I can’t wait to ride it.

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