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I’m exhausted and I need to get my arse to bed but I just read this post by [info]gaggedinacasket and it got me to thinking about VM and video. I was already thinking about this earlier but got distracted and didn’t have a chance to think it through. Her post reminded me of the “ah ha!” moment I had earlier.

I had this “revelation” earlier this evening when I was rereading the transcript for the Pilot. I think the video is the key. Do you know the pilot episode was all about VIDEO and being caught on tape? First, the biker boys are caught on tape stealing from the store. Even though Wallace tries to back pedal and tell the Sheriff that they didn’t actually steal anything, they can’t escape the truth that the video reveals.

Second, we see a flashback about the videotape of the Lilly’s murder scene being leaked online. Veronica even points to this as being the reason that Keith ultimately lost his job. Once again a video is at the bottom of it…

Third, Veronica pulls a bait and switch with the store video and a video she has taken of officers accepting “favors” at the Seventh Veil. Here, again, the truth is revealed by a video. Even Wallace maintains some power over Weevil by keeping the store video instead of giving it to him. He’s the keeper of the secret while he maintains control over the video.

And, then, to top it all off we’re told in this episode that the Kane fortune was made on the foundation of video… streaming video online.

I’m pretty sure that means a video of some sort is going to be the key to the entire murder. Which, as it happens, puts a different light on Veronica’s exit at the end of this episode. I can almost see the wheels clicking in her head as she sees the cameras recording the bed.

Speaking of video, let’s examine something that bothers me. Why is it that the Kane’s have no kind of security cameras in their house? Not that they don’t, we just haven’t heard about any. Given the size of their estate and the fact that they have people like Clarence working for them, you’d think they’d be taping every last corner in that house. We’ve not heard one peep about cameras and what they may have caught on that fatal day. Is that what Veronica was thinking about when she found the camera in the poolhouse or was it something else? And, who, if the Kane’s have cameras would security be calling if they saw something on them… Clarence?

I have no answers to these questions and I’m sure there’s a dozen more that go along with the idea but I can’t sort through them at the moment. Maybe I’ll go back and re-read other scripts over the weekend to see if I can catch more ‘video’ links. I already see a connection with Logan as he admits to that stuff being his thing when he offers to do Lilly’s memorial tape for Duncan. We also have Aaron who constantly putting a “show” for the cameras. Even Veronica has a connection – she was the one with the camcorder the night of the prom that she, Lilly, Duncan, and Logan spent together. In fact, she was the one who provided the “true” Lilly for Logan’s memorial – once again the video reveals the truth.

Ugh – I feel like I’m right on the edge of something but it hasn’t all clicked into place yet. It’s frustrating! Even when I decide I’m just going to sit back and let them reveal it all to me I can’t let it go. I end up obsessing about it again, trying to find the clues I’ve missed along the way.

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    makd says:

    Excellent insight.

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    zimshan says:

    Wow. I never realized how many times videos were used in the pilot.And the fact that Kane’s could have had a security camera tape that documented everything. That really brings Clarence Wiedman right into the thick of things. Now you really got the wheels in my head turning.

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    raelee says:

    Yeah, it’s crazy isn’t it? I even started to make a list as I read through transcripts the other night:

    * Sac-n-Pac surviellence video
    * lilly’s murder scene video
    * veronica’s video of the cops at the 7th Veil

    2nd ep:
    * surviellence video at the Neptune Grand
    * video/camera catches lilly running a red light (changes our time of death)

    3rd ep:
    * video store

    4th ep:
    * Veronica has a camcorder the night of the Homecoming Dance
    * Logan puts together Lilly’s Memorial Video Tribute – has videos from Lilly’s childhood and then Veronica’s video of a more wild Lilly

    5th ep:
    * Camera on the phone to take a pic of Hank

    6th ep:
    * Video of Logan at the bum fights reveals his involvement.
    * Video of Koontz arrest news report that reveals the oddity dealing with Lilly’s shoes.

    Haha – then I realized I hadn’t included all instances of camera’s coming into play (the many-many times V takes snapshots of people) and that it wasn’t helping me figure out the murderer so I gave up. Still, so many times in just the first few episodes. It’s definitely a recurring theme.