Could I be anymore boring?!   

Geez. I feel like a leech sometimes. I never write any interesting posts. My writing is non-existent these days and I’ve got no deep thoughts about any of shows. Instead, I just greedily devour my f-list for all the VM/Rob Thomas theory posts I can find… One big VM leech am I!

Dang. I missed The Apprentice interviews. I got embarrassed for Craig and changed the channel but forgot that I had changed it and missed the rest of the interviews!! Oh well, at least I haven’t missed hearing the results.

I need to eat dinner. I skipped dinner last night (had a huge bowl of ice cream instead) then I had only a banana and apple today at work for breakfast and lunch. I did eat some chips and salsa when I got home but not enough to last me much longer. Not sure if I’m just being lazy or what… but given that I’ve been lightheaded for the past two days I probably should eat, eh?

I’ve convinced myself… I wanted to actually write something of depth here but maybe eating will lead to some creativity on my part. Be back in a bit.

Oh – and Happy Cinco De Mayo!! (It’s always weird for me on this day because my first ex’s last name was DiMayo and his nick was Cinco. Today always reminds me of him.)

One Response to “Could I be anymore boring?!”

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    musewinterwitch says:

    Love your avatar picture by the way. First Daughter is such a cool movie. But then again you know about my MB love.

    It’s okay that you don’t write big philosophical essays in your LJ. :) We love you just the way you are, Rae. And as your friend, things that interest you interest me.

    Take care!