Gawd. It’s been a L O N G day.

I did the Run for the Trees 5K this morning. Yay! I had a time of 47 mins. Not the best time but, since I just got back to walking regularly and working out this week, it’s basically what I expected. I another Southern Red Cedar (it’s a small evergreen tree). It’s very cute right now but I need to get it into a pot tomorrow.

Then I went to Curves and worked out. I admit that I didn’t do my full workout. I was trying to but I hadn’t eaten before the 5K and I didn’t get any of the free goodies after because I was busy looking at the different saplings available. So, I was a bit drained (plus my legs hurt!).

Mona had called me on my way to Curves and wanted me to see if Deidra and the boys wanted to have a play date. I must remember to give them each other’s phone numbers so they don’t need me to do the planning. After working out I got some groceries, took a shower, and met them at the park to have lunch and watch the kids on the playground.

The kids had fun I think. We stayed about an hour and half. I even managed to get a sunburn on part of my thigh. I didn’t notice until tonight – it looks kinda funny actually because it’s in a weird spot and the rest of my leg is fine. Oh well – my face is burned as well. I should know better.

Afterwards I was re-watching last week’s Veronica Mars for the upteenth time and I crashed hard. I napped on and off all afternoon. Good thing I didn’t have anything I needed to do!

This evening I joined several of the ladies from Curves at the Vista Lakes Light the Night walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. (And, yes, I am insane for signing up for a 5K and a 2mi walk on the same day.) I actually had a good time. I was still a bit groggy when I got there but Kerry and I got a free Sonic Cherry Limeade and that woke me up. I even managed to score TWO t-shirts out of the deal. I knew about the Curves t-shirt but I also managed to weasel one of the Light the Night shirts. Go me! The walk was actually more of a stroll, especially compared to my 5K that morning. I’m not sure if it was really 2 miles but I still enjoyed it.

Now I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to lay my head on my pillow. Is it wrong of me to hope we really get a lot of rain tonight and softball will be rained out tomorrow? It will just mean having a rain day to make it up – which will probably result in a double-header on another sunday but I realllllllyyy wouldn’t mind doing absolutely nothing tomorrow!

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