An Update   

So, umm, hi!

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written even though it’s really only been a week. Life has been a bit hectic to say the least. I have been reading my f-list but have had no time to comment on anything. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and do that this week. Hmmm, what to write about first?!

Well, I am writing to you from my new office! YEP. N E W O F F I C E! *jumps in her seat a little* It’s great too! It is actually right in the middle of two offices I have been in before. It’s not quite as big as my other office… ok, I take that back. It’s not as long as my other office but it’s wider and, more importantly, it has windows! Lovely lovely windows. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed having a window and getting natural light.

Everyone was so nice on Friday when I was moving in, stopping by to ask if I needed help, etc. Made me feel welcome right away. I still need to finish personalizing the office and my whiteboard is still sitting on the ground but overall I love it. My new boss gave me some assignments on Friday and I am going to spend today meeting with folks and making sure I understand each of those but I’m looking forward to working on these new projects.

I am still working 2 days a week with my old group. One to help finish up some work and two to cover some of my salary until Ron’s new grant gets approved. We haven’t definitely set a timeframe yet but I suspect maybe about a month. However, it’s been nice to come in and not have a dozen emails waiting on me. I think I was getting burned out… The work never seemed to stop and I never felt like I could take a vacation. I suspect it’ll be much more relaxed over here… and my lack of incoming email is proof of that. If I weren’t getting some of the email from my old group, I’d have maybe one or two from this group – compare that to the 60 messages or so I would get in one day in the other group and you get the idea.

Ugh. A quick break to bitch: I bought a new keyboard this weekend and the shift key sticks a little so I keep screwing up as I type. It’s kinda ‘straining’ my little finger to hold it down.

Let’s see. What else to tell… oh, yes, I got on base two times this weekend!! Yay! Go me. My team got creamed but I didn’t care because I hit the ball both times I got up to bat and I got on base both times! Since I think I’ve gotten two hits all season before that, it was a major achievement for me. ;)

I’ve been busy with cakes lately. The HR lady at work, Naya, had me make some for her boyfriend’s birthday and she’s got friends asking for cakes. This weekend I made one for a 1 yr old’s birthday and then one for Kristi on my softball team. I was happy with how both of them turned out.

Welp, that’s about it. I am going to Las Vegas in June. The high school reunion, for the school I went to in Germany, is June 11. Since it looks like we’ll have a very small turnout, I asked a couple of my friends to go with me. I’m not sure if Mona will be able to make it but Deidra is going for sure. That definitely works out in my favor as Deidra’s dad has lots of player points at the Riveria and we’ll be able to get a room at a discounted rate. Plus, it’ll be easier to share the cost of a room rather than footing the entire bill myself. The plane ticket is pricey but it’ll be worth it. I can’t wait. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything and I need a few days away from Orlando.

Ok, now I need to go do some work. Ta-ta.

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