Happy Easter!   

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Weekend Update: You know what I hate about Easter? That EVERYONE goes to church. We got to church 50 minutes early. Too bad it wasn’t in good taste to bring in my book. I could have used something besides people watching to pass the time. And, sadly, if we had arrived 15 minutes later it would have been near impossible for us to find seats together. Needless to say, it was a bit crowded which meant I had to share personal space with the stranger next to me. I have enough issues sharing personal space with family and friends – imagine how much I love crowded masses.

Besides that, the day went well. My mom took pictures of us all ‘dressed up’. If she ever gets them developed and scans them in, I’ll share. Don’t hold your breath on that one. Easter dinner was tasty as was Easter brunch at Perkins.

The rest of the weekend? Ah, well, I spent most of it fixing my mom’s comptuer. It has been working soooooo S L O W L Y for the past – oh, well seems like forever. Pretty much since she installed AOL 9.0. For the longest time, I thought it was because she had a bunch of crap installed on it. So, I spent Friday night backing up her files and reformatting. Fun! That took forever… On Sat morn, I finally got her DSL working again and things were working fairly well if still not exactly speedy. THEN I installed AOL again (had to – it’s all she uses for email) and, sure enough, we were back to crawling along. It wasn’t as bad as it had been but still pretty crappy.

I’d like to say I did some poking around and realized the problem myself but I can not tell a lie. (HA!) AOL has a “Comptuer Check-up” program now and I ran that… turns out she only had 128 RAM – YOWSERS! With WinXP running antivirus, spyware checking, AND loading AOL in the background on startup?! That’s insanity. Needless to say, I suggested she get some more memory. I really was just going for another 128 stick but the guy on the Geek Squad at BestBuy suggested more than that and, as it turns out, they didn’t have any 128 sticks with the specs we needed. We ended up settling for a 256 stick because I didn’t intend for her to spend much and he was out of the 518 that was on sale. Since I was the one installing it and BestBuy wasn’t open Sunday – we got what they had. I then spent Sat night putting that in and finishing all her file transfers, etc. The good thing? You can actually use her comptuer without pulling all of your hair out now! Definitely an improvement. It’s still slightly sluggish at times (AOL is a major memory hog so she’d have needed the 518 to really solve that) but she is happy. So, yay. I was productive this weekend even though it meant that I didn’t get out to the beach. Oh well.

That’s also be why I wasn’t around at all this weekend on LJ or the boards. I didn’t even have internet until Sat afternoon and then I went bowling with my ‘rents and out to dinner. And now? Not feeling like being at the computer. Just wanted to get this post in real fast and I’m off to bed so I can lay down while I call my sister back.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Talk to y’all soon! *air smooches to all*

2 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

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    cara_leigh9 says:

    Ah, Christmas and Easter are the only times all year that I don’t get my normal pew (second from the back……I have kids, remember :-p) because of all the extra people. It’s kind of annoying, actually. We didn’t go today because we went to my sister’s house. It was really nice and it was great to be the with whole family (minus my brother in Louisiana).

    I would comment on the computer parts of this post, but I don’t understand them. LOL

    *hugs you*

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    calturner says:

    Happy Easter to you, Rae! {{{Rae}}}