SLAP! Holy cow I love this show!

Ok, first have to apologize to everyone, this post is mostly for Lee as I know she’s watching along with me :)

Major reality check happening on Project Greenlight tonight! I LOVE IT. Seriously, I’d probably be just as shell-shocked as these guys if I had won and then got smacked down with the “we didn’t pick you because you’re the best” speech.

On the other hand? I get the feeling I’m more much more realistic than these guys. Hell, I never thought I’d say it but I feel like I’m more like Chris Moore than I imagined! I’d have gone in knowing that it was going to be tough and these people would be looking for me to make the first move. We’re talking about a LOT of $$$ here and this is most definitely about the bottom line, not about creativity/talent. It seems to me that comes later in the movie business.

Sometimes it makes me want to enter a script just so I could see if I could do it… not to worry, I don’t have the talent to win these type of things (I’d have more luck getting on Big Brother 6 before any script I wrote would be picked) but I wonder at times.

Haha – the very guys who picked the script are now bitching about how much it is going to cost to make it!! Dude. That was EXACTLY Wes Craven’s argument against the script. That cracks me up. And, how funny was it that the writers were the only ones who didn’t have a copy of the script at the first script meeting?!

Andrew hung up! I love it. John does need to learn how to communicate better. I get that he’s artistic and creative but you have to be able to talk to the people giving you the money. I think it was hard for me to watch that stuff because I have some of those same issues. I’d have procrastinated calling Andrew back myself because I have major phone phobias. I was cringing to watch someone else make my mistakes.

Ok – must stop commenting now because I’m totally cringing over everything this guy is doing. Where the heck is Chris and when is he going to come in and lay down the law? The guy wants to cast his family in all the roles?! HELLO! OMG. Nepotism drives me up the wall, mostly because I am currently dealing with it in my office. It’s not the same situation and it’d be ok to cast family members if they end up being the best for the roles but to not consider anyone but them for certain roles is just wrong.

Next week is going to be tough and Chris is back in the mix! I can’t wait. It’s like a train wreck and I just can’t look away.

2 Responses to “SMACKDOWN!”

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    southernbangel says:

    Dude. Dude. Duuuuude. I want to marry Chris Moore and have his babies. Did you see the previews for next week?!?

    John is pissing me off because he can’t communicate his ideas AT ALL. I mean, yeah, he did well with the design guy. But when he bitched at the casting director during the group meeting? I was like, “dumbass, why didn’t you tell her this stuff before?!? And hey, newsflash! You can’t *always* hire your friends and family.”

    The writers look they are going to get even more egotistical than the directors from last year, uh…. Efram and Kyle?

    Oh my god, I love love LOVE this show!! Love it!! I want to marry Chris Moore and have his babies and watch Project Greenlight all the time!!

    So I might be delusional but whatever….

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    raelee says:

    I know!!

    You should go read Chris Moore’s blogs on the episodes: Even he misses himself on the show! ;)