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Taking a quick break from work. I just finished a task but, since I’ll be taking off to lunch in a moment, I’m not sure I want to start on my next TO DO item.

Gotta say… I’m loving Rob and Amber on the Amazing Race. I didn’t think I would but they are growing on me. They are being sneaky and they certainly balance along the line between fair and unfair gameplay but they don’t bicker, aren’t bitchy to the other people, and seem to be having fun. I don’t know if I want them to win but I hope they stay in the race for a while. Meanwhile, Ray was an ass last night. He and his comments about the ‘back of the pack’ were so rude I was just hoping their boat would break down and they’d be eliminated. Also glad to see Patrick gone. He gave up way too easily each week. Just as well he is gone now instead being around to quit on the harder legs later on in the race. People giving up on tasks takes all my enjoyment out of the show. So, good riddance.

Alright, someone is waiting on me for lunch now so I’m off.

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    calturner says:

    I completely understand why you can’t get into fanfic (and you really don’t have to explain why, Rae!). I didn’t think that I ever would, for many of the same reasons that you’ve just stated. But (thanks to Caraleigh) I quickly became addicted to it.

    As you know, I read a lot of fanfic these days, but I can only read about characters that I feel emotionally involved with. A story needs to be character driven for me to enjoy it. And if it hasn’t got Spike in it (yes, I am that shallow! *g*), then you can forget it! It just doesn’t hold my interest. As a rule, I don’t like “all human” fics. My guy has to be a vamp, or to at least have shanshued. I love fics that follow canon (but they don’t have to), and especially love post-NFA fics, because I really need to know what happened next.

    I don’t have any issues with Joss or Buffy. On the whole, I loved what I saw on my TV screen. Luckily for me I came into the online fandom after the show had ended, so I enjoyed it for what it was, without even knowing about any ship wars or conflicts. I’m glad that I was totally unspoiled for the whole show. I loved it (still do), but I miss it (especially Spike), which is why I enjoy fanfic as much as I do. Plus I just love reading. So if it’s well written and hits all the right emotional buttons, then I’ll read it.

    Hmm…I seem to have rambled. I doubt any of that made any sense, but there you have it. My jumbled up thoughts on fanfic. ;)