Spring is here.   

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Well, damn, now I have to wait 5 years (ok, 4 really since there is a leap year thrown in there) before I can get married. Alright, maybe not but, with my luck these days, that’s exactly how long I’ll have to wait.

I haven’t always wanted to get married on the first day of Spring. It’s a fairly new thing. Along with the rest of my wedding ideas. I wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamed of the “perfect wedding.” In fact, it took attending a few weddings for me to even think about what I would want in a wedding.

I’m still pretty firm on the idea that my wedding be about my marriage and relationship with my who-the-heck-knows-who-or-how-soon-it-will-be fiance. I don’t want to come in with preconceived plans for a wedding and not give the other half of the reason for the wedding any control/say. It’s OUR wedding and we both should have a hand in planning it (not that I’d have a problem taking care of things if I end up with a guy who could care less – I just don’t want to assume that’s what will happen).

That said, as I already said, I have attended weddings in the past few years so I’ve thought about what I liked and disliked about those weddings. That, naturally, led me to thoughts about my wedding and what, if I had to plan it all, I would want. Hence, my desire to get married on the first day of Spring. I like Spring, life seems to bloom anew and there’s a sense of possibility and excitement in the air. That’s the appeal of getting married on the first day of that season. Sickeningly symbolic. ;)

Of course, there’s also the fact that I’d like to get married outside (yeah, yeah, never a smart plan with our considerate lack of control over the weather). Actually, the first day of Spring is probably the worst time to expect that I’d be able to find a place with nice green grass (except, that I live in FL and we have plenty of that at this time of year) and flowers. I’m not a big dress girl. Not to mention my weight issues. So, I’ve never been the sort to get excited over wedding dresses. It just isn’t my thing. Therefore, I don’t want anything fancy. I really want a simple white dress, hmmm almost sundress-like. Though I waver on my bridesmaids, I think I want the same thing. I want the color in my wedding to come from the various different wildflower bouquets they’d be holding. Err, each bouquet would be one type of wildflower and one color. So, each bridesmaid would would be wearing white and their accent color would be the flowers in their hand (I’d also like to dress their hair with the same flower so they’d also have some color there as well). The groomsmen would then be wearing a tie in the matching color.

Haha. I am way too detail-oriented! Anyway. You get the idea. I’d also like to wear flip-flops or get married barefoot. I’m so odd. I don’t know how that would go over and if I’d like it once I had my dress on but that is how I imagine it. I don’t like uncomfortable shoes and I want to enjoy my wedding so none of that for me!

That’s pretty much all I’ve thought about. Naturally the flowers used for decorating would be a mix of the same wildflowers. I’d like to carry either daisys or sunflowers… that is also subject to change as I would probably just go to a florist and pick the flower I liked the best and base the others around it. I’m finnicky that way. It sounds like I’ve really planned it out but I really haven’t and I’m sure my actual wedding will be nothing like my idle thoughts.

I sometimes pick songs out as potential wedding dance songs but I know that’s something that will have to be ‘right’ with the man I marry. I never really had any ‘songs’ with my last ex – though there are a few songs that particularly remind me of because of his taste in music, etc. However, I definitely had a few songs that had meaning with my first boyfriend. Since that’s how I plan to pick my wedding song, I know better than to really consider random songs I hear.

I have no idea where I was going with this discussion other than wanting to explain my seemingly random thought about having to wait several years before marrying. I just got distracted thinking about it I suppose. Which is odd because I rarily give it any thought. Sort of don’t want to torture myself with thoughts about something that seems so far away from me right now.

Welp, on that note, I gotta go. I have to accompany my network admin to another building so we can see if we can solve an issue on someone else’s server. Yipee! Will the fun never end? Ciao.

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