Missing day   

I slept all day. Literally. I was up, answering my cell at 9-ish and assuring my friends returning from their cruise that I had gotten their phone message last night and the pets would be taken care of this extra day (they found out a few days into the cruise they’d actually be getting back a day late but it was going to cose $8.95 an minute to call and pass along that message). [ETA: I wasn't the one taking care of the pets so no worries that I didn't make it there to feed them with my sleeping all day. I just made sure the pet/house-sitter got the message last night.] I fed my cats and laid back down to read the rest of my book. Finally finished that about 11:30-ish. Too late to make it to Curves so I closed my eyes for a bit and finally woke up at 5:15.


I’m not complaining but am now regretting the loss of one of my two days off. Obviously I needed the sleep or there’s no way I’d have slept for those extra 6 hours in the middle of the day. I do have a habit of wasting my day doing stupid things around the house instead of getting my act together to shower and clean but rarily do I sleep straight through the day.

Now I must decide if I want to go out at all. I need cat litter – BAD. I also agreed to get some of the drinks for tomorrow’s softball game cooler. However, our game isn’t ’til 3 tomorrow so I have plenty of time to get something in the morning. On the other hand, I’ve read all my books. Oh ok – I have LOTS of book so I am sure I can find ONE to read but I know there is a new one out that I’d like. Not that I need one since I actually have tv (one of the unaired LAX eps and Cool Money) to watch tonight. Decisions, decisions!

Meanwhile my cats are totally bored with me ;) – not that they complained about the sleeping with me all day. Since my boys like to be touching some part of my body while they sleep, they enjoy having me in the bed during the daytime.

I forgot that today was Global Protest day (it being the 2nd Anniversary of the War on Iraq). I can’t remember what it was really being called… Working for an institute that gets funds from military organizations means that we get the “head’s up” warnings about military high-risk days forwarded to us. That makes me feel somewhat guilty for sleeping all day. I am not sure why since I would not have protested. I have to say that the thing about living in the US is that, for the most part, it is easy to be oblivious to the rest of the world. Not that I’d have necessarily spent the day differently if still living in Germany but I’d definitely much more aware of the events going on today around the world. There is no ignoring such things when you live in a military community in a foreign country.

Gas prices and the reprecussions of them scare me. I worry about our future. (Sorry the 6 o’clock news is on while I’m typing this hence my, seemingly out of the blue, subject changes.) I’m sad about Jessica Lunsford. I had a bad feeling yesterday when we were told the police would have a statement about the case. I didn’t hear what that statement was last night but I knew the police had returned to the sex offender’s house and sectioned off some of the yard. Given that the guy had fled the state and the police had already searched that house across the street from Jessica’s, I felt it could only mean one thing. What makes someone do something horrible like that? To a 3rd grader? It makes me unbearably sad.

Ok – I’m going to Walgreens to see if I can find my book and to just get out of the house for a short while today. Ciao.

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