Can I get a tissue?   

I hate being sick. Yukkity yuk yuk yuk. Do you spell yuk with a c or no? Hmm (Yuck or Yuk)? Oh well, whatever. I’m sick – I blame all bad spelling and poor grammar on that.

I wanted to leave work early today (see yukiness expressed above) but now have a 4:00 PM meeting. What is that about?! Damn my inability to say ‘no’. This project has just been ongoing and we’ve been waiting forever for them to get back to us and get it back on track so I feel like I *need* to make myself available now that they have responded.

Anywho. That’s not why I was posting. Finally got the Relay for Life thing figured out… so now I can beg the right way. ;)   Relay for Life is an 18-hour walking event to raise money in the fight against cancer. I’ve done it for 4 years in a row now and, for the 3rd year in a row, I’m co-captaining a team for my office. Normally I’d invite y’all out to walk and enjoy the sites (as the tents are set up somewhat carnival-like on the track field) but I figure no one is going to fly to FL just for one night of goofy-no-sleep Rae. So, instead, I’ll just ask you kindly, if you have a dollar or two to spare, please donate to the cause. You can use the link below to add your donations to my fundraising total or you can just donate to your local American Cancer Society. Thanks! *smooches*

Donate NOW to help me raise funds!

PS – If you DO want to fly down just to attend… you know you are always welcome! *G*

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