Moore + Horror Flick + Rookie Director/Writer = GREAT SHOW!   

Yahoo! Saw a commercial for Project Greenlight tonight! It’s great. I can NOT wait!

The show starts next Tuesday at 9 EST on Bravo. If you’ve never seen it you should defintely watch! It’s great fun. Chris Moore rocks and you might even get a glimpse of Matt and Ben (ok, you’ll probably only see them during this first show and maybe once or twice the rest of the season but they are awfully cute in those few minutes and the show is still great).

I command you to watch! ;)

One Response to “Moore + Horror Flick + Rookie Director/Writer = GREAT SHOW!”

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    southernbangel says:

    *does the Project Greenlight dance*

    I CAN’T WAIT!! OMG, only 5 more days! WHOO-HOO!!