Random question of the day: How is it possible to have almost 50 icons and still not be able to find one that I want to wear?

I’m grumpy this week. I can’t quite pin down exactly why I feel this way. I was fine until Wednesday. Then out of the blue the grumps hit me. In fact, I almost skipped my walk with Lucile and Melissa yesterday due to an overwhelming feeling of anti-socialness. How anti-Rae of me. (‘Cept, in the end, I did walk and actually came out of my funk enough to chat with them in the middle of it.)

I’ve made a list of places I’d like to work and nothing is off-limits. Anyplace I’ve ever wanted to work is going on the list. I’m not living in a fantasy world and I know the chances of getting a job at the New York Public Library are none to less than zero but I want to keep an open mind. I don’t want to narrow my focus as I’m hoping making the list will help me see the possibilities that surround me. Is that unrealistic of me?

It’s possible this is the root of my grumpiness. I’m 2 months away and the worry is starting to set in… Not to mention I’ve felt out of control of my time lately. Days slip by before I know it and I feel like I’ve made no forward progress in anything. That’s my fault. Those around me have no reason to change their normal routines. I have to change mine. I need to stop feeling obligated to babysit or visit or whatever else I’m asked to do. I need to take time out for myself and focus on my tasks.

2 Responses to “T.G.I.F.”

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    southernbangel says:

    No, I don’t think it’s unrealistic of you. You have dreams and goals and there is no reason why you shouldn’t shoot for the stars. (to quote my mom) Yes, things might not work out the exact way you planned, but if you don’t at least try, you’ll never know what *could* have happened.

    Good luck, my darling Rae-Rae. I love you muchly!! {{{{Rae}}}}

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    raelee says:

    Thanks darling. {{{Lee}}}