OC Thoughts   

First, it should be made clear that my mood is in no way indicative of how I felt about this episode.

Second, the first two minutes may be the best two minutes of TV I have seen in a long time. Those longing looks. Oh boy. Seth + Ryan = OTP. I tell ya. Plus, the bagels? Cracked me up. Not to mention the hand on the window.

Third, Boys-II-Men. Hahaha. I love Ryan’s delivery of lines as well.

Fourth, YAY for Seth and Summer. Others may not like these two together but I really do. Zach was a nice guy and I’d like him to stick around but I’m glad the breakup happened.

Fifth, why did we have the Lindsay arc? Ryan fell way too fast for her, especially for how upset he was at the end. I really did like her though and I liked them together. Of course, I wanted to push her off the bed and lay MY head on Ryan’s arm but that’s a fantasy for another time.

Sixth, Sandy and Kristen. About damn time! I don’t expect Sandy to be perfect but the writers were most definitely f-ing with his character lately. Being tempted? Totally understandable. Completely ditching Kirsten all the time for someone we’ve never even heard mentioned? Unbelievable. I’m just glad the real Sandy is back.

Seventh, is Marissa seriously having doubts after ONE night living with Alex? Just as I start liking her again I’m afraid I’ll hate her again. Julie does not attempt – in any way – to control her daughter. It frustrates me. Who just lets their daughter up and move out?! Also, NO RYAN AND MARISSA. I forbid it. Do you hear me OC writers? FORBID IT.

Ninth (cuz I can’t spell Eighth??), the kiss made me laugh. It was fairly cheesy but appropriate for Seth and Summer’s history. Her as Wonder Woman, him as Spiderman. Yeah, I’m digging the funniness of it.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. I had more but I’ve forgotten it and will need to come back if I remember. ~ciao~

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    Rae, just dropping by say I love the new look of your LJ and your raelee.com website. Awesome!!