Cooookie! Coooookie!!   

I want my Girl Scout Cookies!!! Seriously, girls have been selling them at my local supermarket for over a week now and I still haven’t gotten the boxes I ordered. I’m annoyed. (Really I’m annoyed because I know they are in the building and all sorta but the guy teaches classes on Tues so he hasn’t dropped them at the front desk for pick-up yet. So close and yet so far!)

I know I’m on a diet but they only come out once a year and I’m getting them! *resolve face*

I was browsing the Girl Scout Cookie website today, Too cute. I can’t wait to have a daughter and put her in the Girl Scouts.

Speaking of having daughters, my niece is just waiting to pop… if she doesn’t go into labor today it looks like the doc may induce her tomorrow. I keep waiting to get the call. At this rate the new addition will share a birthday with my sister :) — And, her name has been changed… apparently a lot people around town are using Emma so Kristie has decided on Chloe Elizabeth instead. We’ll see if that ends up being the final name.

Ok, back to work with me.

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