Caught up…   

Caught up on all my shows tonight. One big cry fest in my living room. Cried for Seth & Kristen on The OC. Cried for Bobby, Courtney, & Grace on Jack & Bobby. Cried for Hannah on Everwood. Cried for pretty much everyone on One Tree Hill. Now I can’t breathe ;)

I also decided to give up on Point Pleasant tonight. Hmm, well, ok not completely give up but I was two shows behind and not feeling it. So, I’ll just pick up with it again next week. I’m not sure I can handle the pace of that show. A week is too long between episodes.

Anyway, that’s why the mood and the crying headache I’ve got right now. Which sucks because that means I will have to put off watching Gilmore Girls Season 2 until tomorrow. Night.

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