Fire bad. Tree pretty.   

My parents have taken over my tv. Hijacked it from me and now I’m forced to watch the superbowl. Eh. Not really but only ‘cuz I’m going to bed.

Played softball this morning or had practice, at least. Now? I can barely type. My arm still f-ing hurts. Ouchie ouch. That’s also what tired me out… sunburned my face so I’m gonna have red cheeks for a few days and drained all of my energy.

Now I’m like Buffy: Fire bad. Tree pretty.


2 Responses to “Fire bad. Tree pretty.”

  1. 1
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Yay, you decided to play! *sigh* I wish I could play and get sunburned cheeks.

    Enjoy your parent’s stay.


  2. 2
    makd says:

    Fire bad. Tree pretty. Rae tired.