Ugh. Could the editors be anymore obvious?!

Read my thoughts on tonight’s The Apprentice:

The editors totally showed Magna Corp all night long instead any of Net Worth’s work on the task. Could it have been anymore obvious what team was going to lose this time? Beyond taking any suspense out of the episode it also pisses me off because Net Worth came up with a great idea and we didn’t get to see how they managed to pull it off. UGH!

I watch this show because I like to see how the different teams approach the tasks and manage to pull their ideas off. So, when we don’t get to see that part just to show us how the losing team was falling apart, it makes me mad. Of course, seeing how well they were managing to execute their idea probably would have given it away as much as only seeing the Magna team flailing about. Oh well.

The other thing about this show is that I can’t stand to watch the boardroom. I get so embarrassed for the people involved, even when they’ve done a horrible job. I cringe each time and ponder how I’d never make it through something like that. I’d have walked out long ago if I had to go through those boardrooms. It’s an interview and I’d have decided long ago that I couldn’t work for Mr. Trump even if I managed to win the show.

Anyway. It’s too early in the show for me to pick out people I like so I don’t care much who goes. Danny showed early on that he wouldn’t do well working for Mr. Trump. He had to be told to dress the part and his ideas during the first episode SUCKED. Truly. He’d be better off working elsewhere. I wish him luck…and I love that the cab that takes them away has a Job advert on it. Cracks me up every week.

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