must. go. to. bed.   

Why the heck am I up at this time?!

Hannah’s cake(s) is pretty much done now. I totally forgot to buy the ice cream cones tonight so now I gotta get that after my workout in the morning. I probably don’t need it but I wanted the princess to have a hat. (Mostly because it just looks like a lil’ girl holding a present without that…)

And, lucky me, I get to decorate Cameron’s cake tomorrow. I kinda hate this weekend… I always have this issue. I’m sorta remaking Gavin’s dinosaur cake so it won’t be that hard but still – tiring! Not to mention I still need to go get presents for ‘em both.

I really need to get my More Than Icing site done and up this weekend. I gave out the link to Deb at Curves so I need to make sure SOMETHING is in place. It’s a lot to cram into one weekend but I basically did it so I’d be forced to get on the ball. After all, I need to foster that source of freelance $$$ :)

I’ll post a pic of the finished cakes tomorrow. For now, I’m off to bed. Ta-ta.

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