Had my root canal yesterday. Did not get my temporary crown though. I still had some swelling and he didn’t want to put the temp crown on if there was still some infection. So now I go back next week for that part. It’s like the never-ending dentist appointment ;)

Was pleasantly surprised by the root canal. I had no pain. In fact, I was back at work after lunch. I was really tempted to take the whole day anyway but I had stuff to finish up and now I’ll be out again next week.

I’m attempting to go the day with no bandaid on my finger. It’s not really necessary to have one on but it’s like a security blanket for me. The finger still feels a little weird near the tip due to the dead skin on it. Gives the illusion of the finger feeling numb when it’s just the surface that has no feeling. Still, glad it’s finally getting back to norm. And, speaking of my finger. Would you like to know how much my hospital visit cost??? $836. That is f-ing crazy! Seriously, $836 to get my blood pressure taken, an x-ray of my finger, talk to the financial lady for 10 minutes, and get five stitches. I should have been a doctor. Still not sure how much I owe – waiting on that part.

Watched Point Pleasant last night. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I do know I’m not singing its praises today but I didn’t hate it. I was mostly confused as to what was happening. So, I am giving it time to unfold some more before I judge it too harshly. Though, for the record, I’m not a big believer in portraying sex and fornication as a by-product of evil. Giving into temptation and lusting after things that don’t belong to you? Yes. Sex? No. So, that part was kind of annoying me. (Again, I’m aware it was more the other stuff that they were saying was the evil part but there’s a mixed message  there since the majority of what was going wrong was tied to sex.) Taping tonight’s episode as The Apprentice is back and we all know I have to watch that ;)

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