‘Bout damn time!   

Can I just say… THANK GOD!!! Jonathon and Victoria needed to go – I’d have been very upset if they ended up winning the whole thing. Now I can happily look forward to next week’s episode knowing they won’t be there. Alas, I start bowling next week so I’ll be back to racing home afterwards so that I don’t miss any of the episodes.

I finished The Da Vinci Code last night. Hmmm. I’m not sure I get what all the hype was about. Not to say it wasn’t a good book but I certainly didn’t think it was outstanding. Had a little trouble understanding what shot it to the top of the best seller list and kept everyone talking about it. The theories in it I suppose? The theories are interesting I must say and it made me want to do some actual research. Anyway. At least I didn’t have to skip passages in this book like I did in Brown’s Digital Fortress. My eyes started to glaze over a few times when they were explaining the Holy Grail to Sophie but other than that it kept my interest. The DF just had wayyyyy tooooo many computer-ese passages that made your head reel. Basically? If it’s so complicated it takes three paragraphs to explain? The reader doesn’t really care. (Not that the book was bad, it wasn’t… just tedious at times.)

Ok, that’s it. I’m actually at work because I’m f-ing crazy and I needed to come fix something and send an email as I’ll be off tomorrow. My fun day of getting a root canal and crown for my tooth. Don’t you wish you were me? I can’t imagine why not!!!


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