Seriously? Jonathon and Victoria need to be eliminated next week or I might give up on TAR6. I can’t handle them. And, I dislike Victoria as much as Jon at this point.

The gagging tonight? I almost lost my dinner. That is seriously gross. I’d never have finished the soup.

Previouslys on now… 7 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

L&B currently in last place… it’s storming and raining at the train station.

3 teams allowed into internet cafe at a time. Must open email in their AOL email account. Jonathon says clicking into AOL is like clicking into his best friend.

Hertiage Rail Museum – take a taxi, approx 3 miles away. Museum opens at 10 AM in the morning. Bolo finds a train at 2:55AM to Budapest, the train station lady gave them the wrong info.

Other teams leaving cafe and heading off to museum. Jon tells Vic to hold the cab but she doesn’t and now he is giving her a hard time about it. Gus says he is looking forward to getting some sleep and that tomorrow is a new day. Hay/Aaron doing a little bickering.

L/B getting onto their train. Lori wonders if their train will make it.

A/R going to go eat with K/J and H/A. A doesn’t want to go with them, he wants to go be romantic with R and she doesn’t want to do that with him. She wants to hang out with the other two teams. She says she looks at H/A and K/J and they seem to so much healthier than she and Adam. K/J and H/A enjoying the scenery.

J/V getting into their cab. J tells V she is dumb. Teams arriving at Hotel Fortuna – must be close to the museum since they are all arriving there to stay for the evening.

L/B arrive in Budapest and head to internet cafe. Both are upset and don’t think they can catch up.

{commercial here}

L/B arrive at the cafe and it is open! They still don’t seem to be happy (now they haven’t had much sleep). They arrive at museum and are waiting now.

The others are now on their way to the museum in cabs. Guess that hotel wasn’t close after all.

A/R arrive next and L/B tell them that is the line. G/H arrive with G/H right behind. Now everyone is there. The gate comes open and they head in — someone, Freddy I think got hit in the head by the gate.

They race across tracks to grab numbers and they all knock over the numbers. L/B get #1s. Freddy is now asking who pulled the gate .. Lori says they must not have done it because they were already gone. Freddy says when he finds out who pulled it down, it is somebody’s a$$. He threatens to break one of them in half. The others are disgusted.

Hera also got hit in the head. L/B head off in their cart to get next clue. Fast Forward. Phil explains the FF. This time, they will go to cavernous labrynth and take part in the legend of the vampire – drink a goblet of pig’s blood. L/B are going to do it. L/B going to get a taxi.

H/A get next clue: Must make way 7 miles to Nemzeti Sportuzota(sp??) – island on the Danube river.

L/B in taxi talkign about how Freddy was so upset and looking at them. Making some comment about him not taking no pictures with that face (because Freddy is a model and they are saying that is why he was so upset about getting hit in the face).

H/A having trouble getting a taxi as J/K get one and pass them. Hayden is upset and bickering at Aaron about it. A/R looking for taxi now – they get it just as H/A get one. F/K are not doing FF since they are sure someone else has already taken it.

J/V are off for taxi as G/H go to get clue in last place. They are off to get a cab.

F/K now having trouble getting a cab as G/H get one. F/K now have one.

L/B saying it feels good coming from dead last to first place.

DETOUR: SWIM OR PADDLE. Swim: olympic size swimming pool and have to scour a goal in water polo against an olympic water polo goalie. Paddle: Must inflate raft and paddle across the river – no talent necessary but inflating and battling current could take lot of time.

K/J in the pool and trying to get goal. They get it! Make their way 3 miles to Gundel Rest. to get next clue in the wine cellar. They are in 2nd place.

A/R doing the water polo and in the water now as K/J grab a cab.

A/R trying for a goal now. They get it and are off to Gundel.

J/V and H/A arriving at detour. J fighting with V about what they should do. J says he doesn’t want to paddle something. H/A get their goal and are off to restuarant. Aaron crowing about his goal.

J/V in the water with J telling Vic, “Go go go, fast, fast, fast.” They get their clue and are off.

G/H are going to paddle. G says he can paddle fast. G/H inflating their raft now. F/K decide to do the water polo as G/H put their raft in the water. G/H rowing.

L/B in their cab, upset because it is taking so long. Their driver is lost and Lori says, “God I give up.”

{commercial here}

L/B concerned about their cab. B hopes their driver is not lost.

G/H in the water. Gus instructing H on paddling. They arrive and get the clue – off to restuarant.

F/K score their goal right away and off to Gundel.

L/B on their way to find out what they have to do. They arrive and handed the blood… both are drinking down. Yikes! They both downed that QUICK! They win and make their way to pit stop: Fisherman’s Bastion. They get directions and head off. They arrive and are welcomed.

Lori & Bolo, you are team #1. Haha, I think Bolo kissed Phil on the neck because he rubbed it and makes a comment about the blood getting to them. They win a trip to romantic Europe.

K/J arrive at Gundel. Roadblock. Team member must eat one bowl of spicy soup. Seems easy but the soup is extremely spicy. Jon is going to do it though he tells Kris that she needs to start doing more but, if she doesn’t think she can do it, he’ll do it. (So, he is eating.)

H/A arrive and Aaron is going to do it.

Jon is eating and joking with the locals about who made it – tells them it’s really spicy and they might want to tone it down a bit.

J/V arrive and Vic is going to do it. J is telling the muscians to be quiet but they won’t. They are playing violins loudly. J/V bickering. Vic tells J she won’t eat anymore until he shuts up. The others give J a hard time because it seems like Vic always does the hard stuff.

K/J finish and are off to the pit stop. (Or, try, the cabs outside are ‘reserved’.)

A/R going into the restuarant. R is going to do the task as A apologizes to her. R says it is good and Aaron says he said that at first too.

Vic says she is not going to be able to do it. She gaks.. she is thwrowing up and J tells her she can not do that, the others are catching up.

Hayden is giving A a hard time but he then throws up after Vic does – there is a pause and Adam says he thinks they need more music and a few of them laugh and the music goes again.

Rebecca finishes and Vic is amazed. G/H on their way to restuarant now. Reb goes outside and throws up as Adam pats her back. He tells camera he wants to get back together with her. (I think I missed what else he said.)

Inside, Hayden tells Aaron is he doing good and can throw up later. Meanwhile, J is giving Vic a hard time and she tells him to go away, that she can’t do that with him talking to her. She is gagging again as Aaron finishes and J says it is over (at least, I think that’s what he said, I’m behind now and I missed the last bit before the commercial).


Oh Aaron wasn’t done yet. We are back and the musicians are making a lot of noise as Hayden tells Aaron he is doing a good job. Jon yells at the musicians to be quiet. They are and Vic is throwing up again.

Aaron throws up again and says it is Vic’s throwing up getting to him. F/K arrive and Freddy starts shoveling it down. Aaron throws up again… Vic finishes and J/V get a clue. Now J is apologizing to her for making her do it. She tells it would really help if he would be quiet.

H/A are done now and off. Freddy working at it. Freddy throws up and he apparently threw up into the bowl and now has to eat it!! Ugh! Kendra almost gags watching and is horrified that he has to do that and apologizes to him.

G/H arrive now.

K/J arrive at the bridge/gondola – somehow J/V arrive right behind them. J tells K/J that Rebecca is a monster. K/J think they can outrun J/V…

J/V and K/J take off. Vic says she is going to throw up and screams at J to help her. He says, “Here we go again” and tells her not to go into the pit stop crying again. V says something about they are going to lose and J tells her to shut up.

K/J are team #2.

J/V are team #3.

A/R and H/A on the way to the gondolas.

Gus is doing the spicy soup as F/K finish.

A/R checking on the gondola train thing as H/A arrive. H tells A she is freaking out.

G finishes eating and they take off to pit stop. Gus is sweating away.

A/R are at the top and R is looking at sights but A says he’ll bring her back. Now racing with H/A…

H/A are team #4. They kiss.

A/R are team #5. They hug. A says, “Good work.”

F/K arriving as G/H arrive. F/K are taking the stairs as G/H take the gondola/train. Of course they are not really showing us if they arrived at the same time.

F/K are team #6. F says he had a bad day. He got punched in the nose, vomitted, and ate his own puke.

G/H are the last team to arrive and have been elminated. Hera cries but tells G he did really well. G says it was just one thing after another. H says the race has definitely has brought them closer. G says his daughter will always be his daughter but now his daughter is his friend.


Next time: Hayden and Aaron’s relationship takes a turn for the worse. A deep-sea challenge sinks Adam.

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