$$$ Money Money Money $$$   

The holidays are killing me. I was going to use my bonus to help pay a large portion of the money I owe my sister back but it seems to have disappeared … gone to the many stores I have visted over the past 2 weeks. How does that happen? Money, dear money, I miss you. I don’t feel like we had nearly enough time to get to know each other…

Hummers? Tell me why. Why is there any need for ANYONE to own a hummer as a personal vehicle? It is just ridiculous. They are huge honking monsters that have no purpose in every day life. The ultimate over indulgence. That people can even afford to own one much less afford to keep it fueled is disgusting. That’s my opinion and now you know.

I’m kinda in love with Ty Pennington (and I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating).

Why can’t weekends be 3 days long?

That’s all I got. I am going to finish watching Extreme Makeover and then bed. Nighters!

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