My DVR is annoying me. For some reason it gets to the 21 minute mark of my taped Veronica Mars and then it jumps back to the 20 minute mark. Seriously annoying.

However, that has led to me erasing all of the other taped shows and watching them before erasing. So, here I sit watching episode after episode of Dawson’s Creek. I miss it. The later years pretty much lost the magic, except for brief moments here and there, but I truly miss the early years of DC.

In just a few moments, this episode will end with Pacey sitting by the fire watching Joey sleep. I love that scene and I’m going to get all teary-eyed even though I’ve watched it way too many times to count. Now we all know I’m a J&P ‘shipper but that’s not why I love the scene. I just love the… love you feel from him finding happiness in doing something as simple as watching the girl he adores sleep.


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