Presents, Presents, Presents   

I very much wanted to come home tonight and be done shopping for presents. Alas, it was not to be. This partly because I spent all of my “good” shopping hours making two gifts at the pottery place. By the time I was done, I really wasn’t in the frame of mind to shop. I did go to both the Millenia and Florida Mall but didn’t have much luck. I did get a few presents but that’s hardly a dent in my list.

I didn’t even mind the shopping so much. People were not getting on my nerves as they usually do and I wasn’t upset that I had to park out in California and hike back to Florida at one of the malls. Still, I am not having an easy time shopping. This is my fault. It’s not unusual for me to not exactly what I’m getting for everyone on my list but this year I have no clue what I want to get for anyone. And, there are only about 2 people that I have an ‘inkling’ of what I want to get for them. Everyone else? Blank slate. No freaking clue what I want to get or even what type of things they’d like this year.

That pretty much means I end up wandering around aimlessly in stores looking at anything and everything. This leads to finding things I want! Danger Will Robinson Danger! In Old Navy? I bought 4 shirts… all for ME! Granted, they were on sale and I got all 4 for just $18 but, still, I can’t afford to be spending money on myself. I did the same thing in Urban Outfitters and that shirt wasn’t even on sale. Plus, I don’t like the way it fits and now have to return to that mall just to return it. Given that I had no plans to go back there (the stores are WAY too expensive), I now have added an unnecessary trip to my holiday schedule. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could just run in and get back out quick. Yeah, no. It’s a very popular place and parking sucks.

So, let’s recap my day: I worked out; I pissed off my friend by not inviting her to lunch; I spent 4 hours painting pottery; I went to 2 crowded malls; I bought MYSELF 5 shirts, some candy, and holiday cards; I only bought 2 presents for OTHERS (ok, wait, actually it’s 4 presents because the pottery painted are gifts too); and my feet hurt. Geez. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Speaking of holiday cards, I’ve decided to give up on the making of them. I may do a few more tomorrow when I’m filling out the ones I bought but I decided I was trying to do too much. I still have the rest of the ‘mailing it’ presents to get tomorrow, I have to do laundry, I have to rewrite 2 proposals for work, and I have to work on the decorations for our work holiday party. Not to mention I need to actually get caught up on my sleep so I don’t start the week behind again.

And! Tomorrow is Survivor Finale night so no going to bed early. I can’t wait! I don’t really like any of the final 4 but I am curious to see how it plays out. Hmmm, I appear to have rambled off onto a different subject for no apparent reason. A sure sign that it’s time I get to bed. Hope everyone is having a lovely weeked.

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    sunflowr says:

    Hey, next time you’re in California parking your car, look me up and we’ll do lunch! ;)

    I was going to make my cards this year too but too much going on to be able to focus. :(