Wireless printing… yay!   

I love it! I finally got off my butt and paid way-too-freaking-much money for printer ink today. So, as I was messing around with the printer and trying to get the black ink to work properly, I decided to go see if there were any new drivers for my printer.

When I bought my AirPort Extreme, I was all excited because not only would I have a wireless Internet connection, I’d also be able to print without wires. Alas, it was not to be. My printer model had outdated drivers and didn’t work with AirPort (naturally, had I bought the model one level up, it would have worked). I finally decided it didn’t matter much as I rarely print sh*t.

HOWEVER, the new drivers?! Yep. You guessed it, they now work with AirPort and I can print from anywhere in the house now. That is some cool ass shit! And, convenient. Now I can do my calendar printing tomorrow night AS I spoil Survivor over at TVCH. Awesome.

Corny how the weirdest crap makes me giddy… ;)

PS – Thanks to everyone for their well wishes! I love you all. I’m feeling much better. I finally ate “real” food tonight and have had no problems. Lovely to be over a sickness. *smooches*

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