I’m behind…   

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels have me hypnotized and, as a result, my shows are suffering.

The rundown:

Lost: Loved it! Still think there’s more to Jack than meets the eye. Pretty positive he’s not just a doctor.

The Mountain: Ehhh.

Hawaii: The days need to be longer. (Still haven’t watched it.)

Kevin Hill: See Hawaii above ::wink::

Survivor: I’m torn. I want the older folks to have a fair shake for once so, in some ways, I applaud their winning. On the other hand, they are f-ing boring!!! Ok, that’s unfair. I think it’s just the whole bunch of people this time around. No personalities are standing out this time around. Duds. Almost all of them. And? The ones that aren’t duds? I don’t like ‘em. ARGH. Oh well. Bye Brady.

The Apprentice: Ok, I knew it was going to be the women. The editors do not do a good job on this show. They always show much more footage of the losing team than of the winning team. And, it was so close this time that they could have easily shown both teams equally and built up the suspense. Oh well. These women suck. They are embarassing me. The men? They have fun. They are getting a bit arrogant but I love that they enjoy themselves. I feel bad for Pamela but she’s better off. I wouldn’t want to work for Trump for anything.

Grr Argh! I’m taping shows tonight as well but don’t know when I’ll get to them. Going to Halloween Horror Nights with Bob & Mona tomorrow night and we probably won’t get back until late. Will have to catch up on everything Sat so I’m ready again on Sunday night.

3 Responses to “I’m behind…”

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    LOL Rae!! Now, I know this is drastic… but, you MAY have to edit your schedule a bit. We don’t want you burning out trying to keep up this pace!

    Have an awesome time at the HHN! Take some pics for us.


  2. 2
    raelee says:

    lol! Yes, I know, I need to get it down to a manageable number of shows. And, sadly, I taped the first episode of life as we know it last night. I should just erase that right off my DVR and not get sucked in.

    oooh, a camera. Hmm, I forgot about that. Must remember that.

  3. 3
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    If it’s any help, LAWKI isn’t getting the best reviews?

    I was kind of hoping they’d cancel The Mountain or North Shore on me, and then the decision to watch this crap would be out of my hands… or sight I guess. :)