Happy Happy Joy Joy   

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]cara_leigh9!!!!

Enjoy your special day, babe. Love you!!

Good Luck, [info]barbalurina!

I know you are probably on stage as I type this but I hope all goes well! I’m thinking of ya.

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    barbalurina says:
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    cara_leigh9 says:

    Thank you, Miss Rae-Rae. I had nice birthday. The only thing that would have made it better is if I were turning 22, instead of 32. But then I would have had Jordan when I was 9, so I guess 32 is gonna have to do *g*


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    barbalurina says:

    Thank you, m’dear! :) It went well! Only a few minor things went hinky, but not SUPER noticible to the audience….except that Will, when he was “dead” was moving his feet. ;) He’s six….hard to stay still, I guess.

    Thank you again, Rae! Hope you hear back from that interview soon! {{{Rae}}}