I wasn’t creative enough for a subject   

I finally got to see First Daughter this weekend. These hurricanes have seriously been cramping my movie going. For those who don’t know, I *love* going to see movies by myself, usually on Sunday mornings. Perhaps my subsitute for church? (*ahem* If you’re reading Mom, I DO go to church just not every weekend as you well know.)

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. Made me cry (of course!) but it was sweet. I wish I could be Katie Holmes. She is so damn pretty. I even liked Marc B. in it. He was very much ‘Riley’ but I’m ok with that because it endeared the character to me. (For the record, it was the character who was Riley-like not Marc who was making the character that way.) I’m not sure I can believe Michael Keaton as Katie’s dad (he’s not tall enough) but I liked their relationship a lot.

This wasn’t a ‘thinking’ movie but I wasn’t expecting that so no complaints from me. Just a good ole’ chick flick. However, if costs you a lot to go to the movies, I’d say wait for the DVD. It is not a movie that *has* to be seen on the big screen, if you get my drift.

Ok, yay! I got my Amazon box today (this is probably due to the fact that I went to the bookstore at lunch time because I’m impatient). Going to get that and then FORCING myself to focus on work.

*hugs everyone she knows and runs to get her new books*

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