Pictures of my purchases   

I’m rewatching Lost right now. I love JJ Abrahams. ::blows kisses his way::

Wanna see pics of what I bought today? Fascinating stuff I tell ya!

The pants and 2 shirts:

The shoes:

The purse:

Mom’s christmas pres:

Silly ‘gag’ gift pillow I bought for my friend Deidra ‘cuz she *hearts* Ben Affleck. :

5 Responses to “Pictures of my purchases”

  1. 1
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Oh, love the shoes, they’d never stay on my feet, though. I’m so clumsy that’d I’d take one step and either fall or kick one off. LOL. Jordan would love the bag. She’s so into handbags right now, so that’s what we’re getting her for her birthday.

    I rewatched Lost, too. I’m really looking forward to seeing the next episode.

  2. 2
    barbalurina says:

    The outfit looks lovely. I’m with Caraleigh on the shoes. Look lovely…can also be used as a stabbing weapon. ;)

    How big is the purse? Is it one of the tiny ones? Very chic.

    Wow! That’s a great gift you got for your mom. Very useful!

    The pillow….HEE!

    You and your outfit are going to kick a whole mess of ass in your interview! :) {{Rae}}

  3. 3
    calturner says:

    Love the outfit, Rae. Very nice indeed. :)


  4. 4
    fierydemise says:

    Very nice Rae.

    What’s this I hear about an interview? Share for the person who hasn’t been around lately.

    And, yes Lost is an amazing show. I think I liked the second hour more than the first!

  5. 5
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Lovin’ ALL the new purchases Rae! Wish I could have gone shopping with you!