Sweet sweet   

Ah ha! Ok, totally feeling satisifcation of completion right now. (And, yeah, I’m aware of how bad that sounds.)

I actually got some stuff done today and yay! for that.

I seriously have to go pee so this is gonna be quick.

I was kinda looking forward to a regular weekend for once but it seems as though I now have freelance. ::makes a face:: Oh well. At least it’s extra money.

I have forgotten why I started this post. Fascinating, eh?

I gotta remember fast because it’s my day to pick up lil’ HP and I want to get out of here early to beat the traffic.

Hmmm… Oh! Yes. I remember. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do for a “dinosaur” cake? Making a cake for Gavin’s party this weekend and wanna make it cool. I must ponder on this some more. Please comment with any suggestions!

Ok, going now. TTYLs~~

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