To go or not to go….   


I have no idea what I’m doing for this hurricane. I do have supplies but I don’t really care to ride it out here. Frances is HUGE. It doesn’t matter that she’s now headed a lil’ more south. All of Florida is still going to take a huge hit unless some miracle occurs.

Anyway. One friend was supposed to go Buloxi (sp?), Mississippi but the newest track, which takes it into the Gulf before going North again, has her a little worried. She doesn’t want to end up with it taking a turn towards Mississippi and ending up stuck there going through it anyway.

The other friends. Well, Mona’s boss is insane and still has them working tomorrow. So, if they still go to Mont, AL, they can’t leave until she gets off work tomorrow. I kept hoping she’d end up not having to work and we’d get out of here earlier. Now, she’s on her way home to talk to her husband about whether they should still stick with their plans. The roads are already insane so she’s beginning to see the insanity in trying to leave that late.

And, me. Well, now I’m in limbo. Dee is going call back at 11:15-11:30-ish to let me know what she’s going to do. If I go with her, I’ll have to pack quickly since she’ll be leaving about an hour after that. Mona is going to talk to Bob and then give me a call to give me an update on their plans.


I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll end up in Orlando through this after all…. which SUCKS. Thank goodness I did get plenty of supplies, though.

3 Responses to “To go or not to go….”

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    calturner says:

    {{{Rae}}} I’ll be thinking of you. Stay safe!

    My nephews out in Florida at the moment. He’s staying in Orlando, I think. He’s only 14 and my sister’s worried sick about him. He’s out there with a friends family. *sigh*

    *hugs to you*

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    karinalee says:

    Hi Rae! I’ve been watching the weather channel most of the night. My sister just talked to my cousin, and my 82 year-old aunt who lives in Miami is going to stay put because they are telling her that she’ll be okay because she’s inland, and not right on the coast. Isn’t Orlando more inland than Miami? I’m kind of worried about her because she isn’t in the best of health. I hope *they* know what they’re talking about.

    It’s so hard to know what’s the right thing to do. I’m so glad you got supplies early. Please stay safe, and contact me if there’s anything you need. I’ll be praying that Frances weakens a lot before it hits landfall.


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    fierydemise says:

    You know my feelings about you staying or going. Please leave! I want to be able to talk someone into leaving Florida. My girlfriend refuses to leave. She said that she tried to call me but couldn’t get through. Do you have phone service?

    I’m so worried, watching the news and seeing all of the cars exiting Fl. It’s creepy and very troubling.

    Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be thinking of you until this is over. Please stay safe.