Frances Schmances   


I can’t focus on work AT ALL. France is churning her way towards FL and I can’t get enough information about her. I know the information isn’t there but I have a decision to make and I just feel like I don’t know what is the right move to make.

I can go with my friend Deidra and her kids (and family) to Mississippi… she already has 2 rooms booked and plans to leave tomorrow if the path doesn’t change much overnight. It’s just so far away and will cost money, both in driving and hotel prices.

Or, I can go to Sarasota with my friend Mona and her hubby/daughter. It’s much closer but, if Frances makes any funny moves, it could end up being in her path just as much as Orlando. It’s a gamble but, still, I’d still be on the Southwest side of this thing and that’s much more desireable than the Northeast. The Northeast gets the worst of the storm, with tornadoes and bad storms. You know, the parts that really scare me.

Then, there are my parents, also right in the path of this beast. I’m not sure where they plan to go but I know that they have no desire to come up to Orlando and have been warned by their county officials NOT to do that. They, however, really have to be careful which direction they go since Frances is still a danger to the area south of them. I’m anxious to hear their decision but they are busy putting up pilewood and shutters so I have to be patient.

Yowsers! Can you believe it?! A 250-wide path of hurrican force winds. That is freakin’ insane. Too bad I’m not rich and can’t just jump on a plane for an impromptu vacation.

Ok… I’ll stop now. Just needed a place to vent my thoughts.

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    barbalurina says:

    I wish I knew what to say. {{{Rae}}}

    If you need to vent more, I’ll listen.

  2. 2
    fierydemise says:

    Hey Babe,

    I posted on the board that you can come stay with me in NY. I have two cats and I live in a one bedroom, but my bed is HUGE and I like to cuddle. :-)

    I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into coming to NY for a few days. She has me stressed and worried for her and her family. But she too is worried about the cost of leaving, even though I offered to pay for her tickets her. She works at a daycare and is concerned that she might have to help with clean up. *sigh*

    I just want everyone safe. Do you know what Rob’s plans are?

    Thinking of you…

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    makd says:

    Take care of yourself, Rae – you have an invitation to my place on LI, as well.

    I have the same question as fierydemise: is Rob gonna be ok? If he needs a place, too, tell him to contact me, and I’ll make up a couch.

    Prayers on the way, too….{rae} {rob}

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    karinalee says:

    I’ll be praying that this stinker blows itself out into the ATlantic. Stay safe and please tell me if there’s anything at all that you need. {{Rae}}

  5. 5
    calturner says:

    {{Rae}} You know you’re welcome to stay at my house in the UK any time you like. ;)

    I’ll be thinking of you. *hugs*

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    *hugs Barb*

    No need to say anything… just listening is enough =)

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    Thanks, Tor *hug*

    I’m still not exactly sure what I’ll be doing but I understand her concerns. Plus, I too don’t want to pay to fly somewhere. Mostly because then you have to get back too and that could be difficult depending on what happens here.

    I think Rob plans to ride the storm out with his sister in Deltona, FL (northeast of us). I don’t know that he freaks out like I do about weather so he’ll probably be much saner than me about it all. :wink:

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Thanks, hun *hugs*

    All the offers of a place to stay… I feel so loved.

    As I said above *looks up*, Rob is going to go stay with his sister in a town to the northest of Orlando.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Me too! But I don’t see it happening though it may still change course a little bit.

    Thanks, sweetie. {{Karen}}

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    Haha! If I had lots of money, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

    Thanks, Cal babe. *hugs*