All’s Fair…   

So, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about BB5. Still hopelessly addicted. I don’t, however, watch the feeds quite as much anymore. I just can’t take the “hate” that’s in the house right now. It gets to be a bit much for me.

I could never say this at TVCH because I’d be crucified but I do like the twins. I don’t think they played a perfect game (ha! obviously!) but I like them personally. I completely believe they are good, kinda, religious folk. Do I think they over used the Bible? Well, I don’t think they “used” the Bible at all but I do think they were not sensitive enough to the others to realize that their religious talk was being used against them or they probably would have kept it private.

Do I think A was wrong in nominating Will? No way in hell. Unfortunately, I don’t like the way A can’t just stand behind her reasons in front of the others. I think that would have changed things quite a bit. Instead she kinda hedges when talking to people and that just made the others distrust her even more. I can’t quite figure it out. Is it because she doesn’t want to bad mouth or “out” people? Or, is it because she doesn’t know how to verbalize it? It’s confusing to me.

And, Diane. Well. I just don’t like her. I can’t help it. I rarely debate anything about Di at TVCH because I *know* my views of her are colored. She has just been nasty this whole game. I can’t believe I took her side over Holly. Looking back I realize that, while Holly wasn’t completely innocent there, Diane was the one instigating the others against Holly. She’s just mean. There’s venom in her voice when she talks about people and it drives me crazy listening to it. Plus, it doesn’t change when she goes into the DR. It’s one thing to bash people to the other HG for game purposes, it’s quite another to be just as venomous in the DR and in your goodbye messages.


So, here’s my dream scenario for Thursday. I’m fairly positive A is gone and I’m fairly positive A is positive she’s gone for good. Votes are live these days so, when Julie tells A it’s her turn to plead her case one last time? I want A to stand up and say, “Given the way I’ve been treated this past week, I won’t bother to ‘plead’ my case as Julie says. Instead, I would like to give each of you a gift. Just from me.

Cowboy: (gives him a hug) You know I love you, boy. To you I give my wishes for luck. You’ll need them but hang tight, play tough, and you never know what could happen.

Marvin: My gift to you is numbers. Numbers that prove you aren’t long for this game. Everyone sitting around us right now has voted to evict you at least once if not more times in this game. Everyone, that is, except for me. And, you were all upset with the others about Will but I want you to remember who was left to get out if I hadn’t put Will up. I’d say goodbye to you but I suspect I’ll be seeing you in week.

Nakomis: My gift to you is Diane’s pinky for she is the one who came to me and pointed out that it was time to get one of the three of you out. So, if you’re looking to smash pinkies you can’t just go for my hand. (Does A know about the smashing? Probalby not but I don’t care… it is, after all, my fantasy.)

Karen: My gift to you is the jury. Sweetheart, we all can see through the fake hugs and tears but I congratulate you on working the jury nonetheless. The others may not have figured it out but I won’t forget you were playing the game all along.

Drew: My gift to you is Diane. I understand your choices but, at some point, you are going to realize Diane has the numbers and you don’t. So, I wish the both of you all the best in the future because I fear all you will be taking away from this house is her.

Diane: My gift to you is memory. The memory that you were the one who approached Nat and I about a twin alliance with you and Drew. The memory that you were the one who wanted either K, W, or Nak gone. The memory that you have wanted CB and Marv gone for many weeks. And, most of all, the memory that you spent a day shunned by everyone and what that felt like so that maybe you’ll think twice before doing it to any of the others left in this house.

This game has certainly taught me a lot and I don’t think I’d do it again but I don’t regret anything. So, I think CBS for giving me the chance to play.”

Now THAT shit would be some GOOD TV. *sigh* Too bad Adria is a better person than I and it’ll never happen.

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    Why is everyone always attacking me? >:(