White Noise   

My friend was looking through Reader’s Digest the other day and found a book she thought I’d like, I Am A Pencil. After she read the description, I agreed so I am headed out to Barnes and Noble that afternoon to get it. So far? It’s great. It’s about an English teacher, Sam Swope, and his experiences teaching creative writing to his students… so far that’s covered 3rd to 5th graders from poor neighborhoods in NYC. It’s pretty cool. I think it helps that I enjoy children and have considered teaching writing off and on. I’m not sure I’d be good at it though. I don’t feel that I can inspire children like my writing teachers inspired me. Not sure that’s a skill you can learn.

And, gotta love a book that motivates you to get back to your own writing. I have a plan now. Hopefully I’ll be able to execute step one when I get home tonight since I visited Barnes and Noble at lunch time to get my “supplies.” Plus, I’ll be able to explain why I feel so accomplished once I get home too.

Okie doke. Short but sweet… that’s really all I had to say.I’ll be back later. :kiss

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