Sleepy Time   

I’m very tired today which is making it a hard day in more than the can’t-keep-my-eyes-open way. Whenever I’m tired, my despressive state of mind takes over… or, I’m not awake enough to fight it anyway, because it’s actually always lurking in the back of my mind these days.

Ever wish you could capture the things you think about as you lay in bed trying to fall asleep at night? All week long I have been going to write entries based on those thoughts and they are never quite as strong in the morning. So, I never end up getting them out of my head. (And, trust me, I go over the same things several times a week so I’d be happy to get them OUT!)

My friend’s daughter has made me feel loved two weekends in a row, bless her little 3 1/2 yr old heart. Weekend before last, when they had the “christening” of the new playscape in the backyard, I was the only one she came running to see. As soon as she heard my voice, she raced out of her bedroom (where she was playing with the other kids) to jump on me and give me a hug. Then she stuck by my side for a little while before someone called her back to the room. It was very sweet. I doubt anyone else noticed it but, since there are times she could care less if I’m around, it made me feel good.

Then, this past Sunday, I spent a good amount of time playing with her in the back room but finally had to leave (it was 8 PM after all!) when she suddenly hugged me for several minutes and thanked me for playing with her. It almost brought tears to my eyes! So, sweet. And the funny part was, when she got done hugging me, she walked out of the room and her mom (who had been playing kid computer guys while we worked on pictures) was like, “Where’s my hug?!”  Too funny.

Shout-out to all my board buddies. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. Life bites. Work has kept me busy. I spent a lot of time caught up in the BB5 LFs and, quite frankly, I’ve been a bit depressed about some things and I tend to become an introvert when I’m depressed. Hopefully I’ll get over it quick because I hate not participating in the board. I do lurk, of course, but I need to get back to posting! I bet everyone is blowing by me with their posting numbers!!

:sigh: Ok, folks, that was just a quick update on where I stand. If I don’t pass out on the couch later, I may try to get an entry in about the stuff that I go over every night in my head. :hugs to all:

4 Responses to “Sleepy Time”

  1. 1
    calturner says:

    {{Rae}} Missing you loads! Don’t stay away too long. *hugs*

    I know what you mean about the depression. I’m feeling a bit like that myself today. I’ve been on a high for a while, then today, for no reason at all, I suddenly hit rock bottom. *sigh*

    Love you, Rae! See you soon.

  2. 2
    cara_leigh9 says:

    RAE!!!! I’ve been so worried about you. I so hope things start improving for you real soon. You know I’m always around (with the no-life-having and all)to vent to if you need it.


    Love ya

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    {{Cal}} I promise to be back soon =)

    Don’t let yourself get too depressed. We can’t all be down there at the bottom!!

    Love you.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Sorry to worry you! (I should know better than to just disappear on people! :smile: )

    Thanks, Hun, it means a lot that you all care so much. I love you! {{Caraleigh}}