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Did the Drew Show Bowl-A-Thon to raise money for breast cancer research tonight. Was lots of fun. Even got a hug from Jimmy out of it all! He’s so funny and I’m glad he won highest game (oh yeah, and highest number of strikes). Donna cracks me up. I know she has a crush on Jimmy even though she won’t admit it. She must make work interesting for him. (Not meant in a bad way, just can tell she’s working it to get close to him.) I could comment on age differences but I am not one to talk about that topic! :wink:

Anyway. That’s not really what I wanted to talk about. Though it is the reason I have a headache now. Too much alcohol and too little food, too late. And that’s only relevant because the headache could be the reason behind my current thoughts.

You know it is bad when you are so involved in a show that you experience the same type of highs and lows that the people in the house experience. I would have posted this at TVCH but I don’t really know where it’d go and, we all know I ramble, so it’d quickly have gotten way too long, quick.

I don’t think I could ever do Big Brother. Even now I get so disappointed with the people I like in the game because they are “playing”. The problem for me is that I can’t just let go of my … I’m not even sure what to call it. My Catholic guilt obsession maybe? For instance, my bosses have done LOTS of shady and manipulative, not to mention just plain WRONG, stuff to me over the past 7 years but I still have a hard time even thinking about quitting or talking shit about them. And, I can’t pretend to like them. I’m fairly neutral with them but I do not start conversations, etc. because I can’t let go of all things that have happened in the past.

That’s why, when I saw that Will is definitely working Jase on the sly, I just felt disappointed in him. I get that it’s a smart move on his part to ensure that he has a strong alliance but I could never turn my back on my alliance like that nor could I join in with people who I claimed to hate. It’s just hard to see someone you thought was being true to his word and was showing you, as much as possible in the house, his true self. And, he might still be showing his true self but I’m sick of the constant back-stabbing. I don’t get why that always has to be a part of the game. I think CBS should make it an every other week, Amercia votes so that the HG would feel more pressure to play with integrity and good sportsmanship than they currently do.

I guess my question/problem is how many of your morals and how much of your integrity should you be willing to give up just to “play” the game? At what point does it step over the line into just plain deceit and greed? I know those two things are a large part of this game but human interaction is also a part of it and I’d rather be judged for interacting on a higher level than what level I was willing to sink to just to win the money.

Ok, rant over. I’m just down to really only liking two (maybe three) people in the house and that makes me sad because, as much as I just want to be objective and cheer for the person who plays the best, I find that I still can’t cheer for people who I don’t like or who I don’t think play the game somewhat honestly and … cleanly??

I like Nakomis. She’s smart. A lot of the time she has a good read on the people around her and she pays attention to not only what they are saying at that moment but how it reflects on what they’ve said before. She doesn’t always follow through on what she says but I honestly think that is because she’s young and it’s hard to really confront people in this type of situation. It’s easy to talk smack out in the BY but, when it comes time to actually do something, you have to think about the fact that you still have to live with these people.

I like A/Nat A LOT. They’d probably be my favorite if it weren’t for the twin twist part. I have nothing against the twist. In fact, I really like it and can’t wait to see how it plays out… whether it hurts or helps them. On the other hand, when I hear A/Nat talking about trust and lying to the others it always comes out so hypocritical. I know she doesn’t really have an option at this point but it’s a hard pill to swallow. In a way, I’m worried that is the same reaction that the others will have once Nat is brought into the house and I don’t want those to be immediate targets and outcasts. (Of course, I also realize that having your sister in the house is an immediate unfair advantage to the others. I hope CBS has another twist that helps even out things.)

Now for my maybe… Diane. My thing with Diane is that she is so real and I appreciate that about her. My only problem with her is the way she rags on and makes fun of everyone. I try to remember that I make fun of people all the time and it’s just my way of venting. I very rarily actually feel as harshly about people as it comes out sounding. So, I’m still holding out on my judgement of her. Let’s just say that I’d be happy if any of these 3 or a combo of them made it to the F2. I doubt they will but I will continue to hope.

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    calturner says:

    Very interesting post, Rae. Nothing more to add…just that. ;)

    Our BB is nearly over now. We’re into the final week. I’m going to miss it when it’s over. {{Rae}}