Flippersmackin’ Too Many Connections!!!   

TV Clubhouse is “down” (getting TOO MANY CONNECTIONS error, UGH) right now and it is frustrating me to no end because good stuff is happening!!!!!!! I wanna talk about it with my fellow TVCHers!

I don’t get why A won’t frickin’ tell them there is a good possiblity she’ll be going up on the block today? Is she trying to keep her confidence with Drew or is she trying to not put any pressure on Nik? And, Drew. What the hell does he actually think? I feel like I’m in the house! I don’t know what to trust anymore!

And, fish… fish! Why do we have fish? Has veto ceremony begun or are those doofs in the HOH still talking about off-limits stuff? I wish BB would really get on their cases about that crap.

Ok my rant is done. I should get some work done while I’ve got fish and no TVCH.

3 Responses to “Flippersmackin’ Too Many Connections!!!”

  1. 1
    southernbangel says:


    Oh man, I’m glad to hear from you! Granted, I’m sorry you’re aggravated but so glad to hear from you!! We were wondering where you were on the board.


  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Hey Sweetie =)

    I had meetings this morning and then work to finish up from being stuck in meetings most of last week. Then got caught up in something with BB5 (obviously). I’ll be over to the board as soon as I finish up what I’m working on and I can take time to really post.


  3. 3
    southernbangel says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to guilt you into posting. I was just glad to hear that you were okay.

    But, by all means, if you want to come post, come post. I’m so dadgum bored today. I should be working….