BB5 Watch   

OMG! I just saw the funniest thing ever on the BB5 live feeds. Jase was in the cloud room RAPPING verses in the Bible. I had just flipped my feeds back on and he was belting it out. So FREAKIN’ funny. I almost fell off my seat and pulled a Lee with my water.

Then, when he was done, he was so excited. “Damn! I feel like a new man. You can SING the Bible!” There was such amazement in his voice when he said it. And, when he walked out to the kitchen, he told L, Di, & Drew that he was going to write a song from the Bible tonight. Too funny. :sigh: Wish everyone could have seen it but they probably won’t show it on the show Thursday since it’s not angsty.

I’m such a freakin’ BB5 live feed addict. If I wasn’t already posting live feed transcripts at TV Clubhouse, I’d do ‘em here because they keep me entertained all day. Reality tv is melting my brainnnnn!

Ok, enough of me being silly. I’m going home. :kisses:

2 Responses to “BB5 Watch”

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    calturner says:

    Our BB5, in the UK, only has a couple of weeks left. I have to admit to being a BB addict. I must just have an addictive personality, I guess. *g*

    I obsess over so many different things. Last night, I was suffering from insomnia, so I sat watching BB5 on E4 and reading fan fic online. I must have only had about an hours sleep. I’m crazy! ;-)

    See you later, Rae. {{Rae}}

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    raelee says:

    lol, Cal! We can be obsessive and addicted together ;)