I can’t sit still…   


I’m weak. I bought my BB5 Live Feed last night and now I’m seriously addicted. I have it on in the background while I work and it is cracking me up. I forgot how much they just TALK TALK TALK in the beginning. They haven’t been stuck together in the house long enough that they can’t stand each other yet and they can still go find someone else to talk to when they get bored with each other. In a few more weeks they’ll sleep all day and do everything in silence.

Waiting on my registration with TV Clubhouse right now so that I can post on the live feed thread. Not sure why my registration from last year isn’t working but I can wait. I love that there are others out there just as hopelessly addicted to it as I am!

The FOTH (front of the house) this year is the fish tank. At first I liked it better because at least you aren’t just staring at a door for several minutes at a time but the water noise has started getting on my nerves. It’s still cool to see the fish swimming up to the cam (plus the shark is COOL) but the bubbling water sound is loud and obnoxious after a few seconds.

I think Marv wants to nominate Lori and Holly ‘cuz they tried to get him thrown off. I don’t think the Four Horsemen are really happy with that but doesn’t look like they’ll be able to convince him otherwise. Interesting. Adria/Natalie is pow-wowing with him now. Wonder if she is trying to keep those personal convos down to a min so that she doesn’t trip Nat up when she switches with her. I love the twin twist. It’s ten times better than bringing ex-es into the house. It could hurt them if they make it to the point where they can both be in the house. People are gonna be pissed off.


I have gotten NO work done today! Came in late ‘cuz the cable guy came at 11… I hate when you have a window of 8 to 11 and they come at 10:59. Stupid cable people. And, I was job #1 on his sheet too. Damn him! It did get me out of a boring ass meeting but now I am getting no work done because I spent all morning watching tv and vegging. I just can’t get motivated now that I’m actuallly at work (ha! obviously since I’m writing this and watching my live feeds and lurking at ACN & S3).

Ok, I just made myself feel guilty. Gonna go work for a bit.

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