Hrmm, Pretend Music   

Crapola! My speakers aren’t hooked up and I forgot! I went to listen to some tunes and forgot that I had unplugged my speakers so that I could listen to my iPod. However, my iPod is in serious need of some charging and I get crappy static with these speakers if I listen and charge at the same time. Sooo, now I am pretend listening to my CD. I know Have a Heart by heart (haha) anyway so it’s like I’m listening.

I’m taking a quick break from worky-poo. I’ve actually been pretty productive today. That might eat into my procrastination record but I had to get some stuff done while I had a free day.

Dude. I have totally forgotten why I started this entry while I was messing with the speakers and iPod. Have one of those kinda days.

BB5 is on tonight and I can’t wait. I’m gonna be so bummed when Mike goes. I actually liked him. I almost hate this part of the show because you don’t really know the people yet so you aren’t as caught up in the drama. I alternate between hating the frat boys and enjoying the boy candy. Holly is most annoying. Her voice drives me bonkers and I can’t tell if she is playing dumb yet or not. If she is, she is keeping it up in the DR too. Jennifer (I REFUSE to call her Nakomis) is ok but her poor grammar while speaking is frustrating.

Oooh! The twin twist is revealed tonight. I can NOT wait for that one. I am actually hoping all 3 sets of twins will be switching in and out. That’ll be a blast. I suspect it’s going to be a girl who switches but I actually think it’d be more effective if it were Drew. People shrug off weirdness in guys more than they do in girls (and ya’d think it’d be the other way around, eh?). So, if Drew wasn’t quite right, it’d take ‘em longer to catch on. Of course, they don’t know Adria has a twin so I guess it’s a no brainer that it’d be harder to suspect her of something. Crap! I can’t wait to see if they make ‘em switch without talking. That’d be the greatest. (So, naturally, that won’t be the deal.)

I need to buy my live feed so I can keep up with it in between shows but I’m trying to hold out until we’re down to a more manageable number of people to monitor on 4 screens. Ok, enough about my silly reality show.

Mom’s coming this weekend so that I can drive her to the airport. One major perk in that… I can drive her van for the week if I want! Sweet. She said Judy may be coming with her but no biggie. Three is just as much fun sharing dessert at Pizzeria Uno’s. Yummmmmy yummmy big reese’s cup with vanilla ice cream on top. 7th Heaven!

Oops, back to work with me. Ciao~~

2 Responses to “Hrmm, Pretend Music”

  1. 1
    southernbangel says:

    Oh Rae, this gave me quite a few chuckles when I needed them. Thanks!!

    I don’t know anything about BB5 but I’m glad you’re all into it. :)

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Well, sweetie, I’m glad I could provide some sorely need chuckles… now we just gotta make ya laugh. ;)

    And, don’t go anywhere near BB5. It’s a sad sad addiction. And, it’s on 3 times a week so it can be a bitch to be tied to the tv that much!