One Tree Hill & Other Things   

Cried tonight. These eps have been sad of late or sentimental, at least. Kinda bumming me out that Lucas is a “cheetah”. I get his attraction to Peyton and I loved that he was the one that stopped the kissage the first time. Now, however, he really is a dog. Poor Peyton. I feel more for her than I do for Brooke.

On the other hand, I’d want Chad Michael Murray too. Watched Freaky Friday tonight and he’s even a cutie in that with the long hair and scruffy look. Kills me that underage Lindsay got to kiss him!!! Damn them all!

Ok, so, I’m playing spot the Manolo Blahniks on the WB now. Think they got a sweet advertisement payment out of that?! First Angel and now the Gilmore Girls. At least their product placements aren’t as in your face as shows on other networks. Join me. Let’s see how many other shows mention them. I bet one of the Friday night shows is next on the block.

I watched City Of… tonight. I can’t believe how much I miss Cordy! The Snark Queen was just so sassy and full of life. Angel really needed her in his life. Damn Joss! (Just kidding, I love you man.) This week’s episode should be… well interesting at least. Now why did Fred have to kiss Wes. Surely she knows the pattern by now? What a joke it is that Angel’s curse is based on perfect happiness in the Jossverse. He shouldn’t worry so much, no one ever gets that in this strange new land.

Alright, I seriously need to get to bed… or actually do some writing. Ciao.

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